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#DearBrooklyn : These posts are dedicated to my beloved city Brooklyn, NY, born and raised.  Brooklyn is more than a borough within one of the greatest citities (NY) is home, it is love & light.  

...had the pleasure of dining at Sweet Chick restaurant in Williamsburg for my birthday, the food was DELISH, but I also couldn't help falling in love with the art that is this place.  It has rustic, grunge, authentic sentiment to it.  On the exterior side brick wall they showcase murals which they switch up every so often.  I fell in love with it, my second visit (yes I've been back) there was yet another design displayed.  All of the murals are beautifully curated. 
Another plus plus for this eatery is their flier... it says it all. Spread love it's the Brooklyn way.  In case you didn't know, now ya know!

Give 'em a visit.  They're in Williamsburg. 
#DearBrooklyn #Beloved

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