Our 100 Dresses for Little Dresses for Africa Project Prep Session Recap 

On Friday May 27th we hosted the first prep session at New Heights Academy Charter School in Brooklyn, NY.  The student volunteers from New Heights were so excited to participate and give back.

As a group they worked on some of the preliminary steps involved in producing a garment.  They cut, measured and a few of them even recieved a quick sewing tutorial.  Their work is a contribution to the 100 plus dresses and shorts that will be made on June 25th.  

Approximately 20 students, grades 9-11, volunteered their time and service to this awesome cause.  The children in countries throughout Africa and in other countries who will be receiving these garments will undoubtedly appreciate these pieces that were made just for them and with love.

We're excited to host our next prep session on June 3rd in Brooklyn.  We couldn't pull this off without the help of these amazing volunteers.  

Here they are, hard at work: