On May 26th we hosted the 100 Dresses for Little Dresses for Africa Prep Session at New Heights Academy in Harlem.  We were happy to re-visit New Heights, in 2016 we had the pleasure of working with their students.

This year the student volunteers on their day off came in to help make little dresses.  Their work gives the volunteers for the main event on the 24th of June, a head start. We're so grateful for their hard work, excitement and passion.

Each volunteer wrote a personal note to the little girls who will receive the dresses that they helped make ✨❤.   All of their notes were beautiful, this one was just ❤.   Take a listen...

Dear Beautiful Human Being,
It was a great pleasure to create and help to create a dress for you.  You are beautiful and a beautiful life is ahead of you. I hope that when you wear this dress you remember that this life is more beautiful when you smile.
With love, Dulce 


Does't that just melt your heart.

#Blessings #LoveandLight #Community #GreatHumans ✨✨✨

From #Brooklyn to #Harlem .. back to #Brooklyn 😉


For more information about this years' project click here or email us: info@gwenbeloti.com

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