Caring for Your Jewels


"The costume of women should be suited to her wants and needs." - Amelia Bloomer

Our experience with jewels

For a long long time, adornment by way of jewels has been a creative and therapeutic outlet for Gwen. She is fascinated with the big impact that small things such as jewelry has on your mood and your look.  You might have come across the post  “It’s A Love Affair” on her lifestyle site.

Gwen has a particular affinity for fashion jewelry that makes for the perfect complement to our apparel.  Fashion jewelry (sometimes referenced as costume jewelry, but we prefer fashion) affords you so many options.  Because of accessibility, in large due to price point, you can enjoy a wide assortment of designs.

What we carry

A collection of sourced and Gwen Beloti designed pieces.  Before making our jewels available for sale we wear them and get to know them, get familiar with how they wear.

Many of the pieces have a base metal of brass or sterling that is either gold dipped or filled with 14k gold and are hypoallergenic.  Details about each individual piece can be found on the product page.

Over time, plating will fade / tarnish.  This can happen sooner or later depending on various factors. To avoid / prevent / delay that, there are care tips that you can employ.

Caring for your pieces

When we talk about caring for your jewels the approach is primarily from a long-term consumer perspective, and secondarily from the jewelry designer' viewpoint.  We added jewels to our brand collection in 2018, inevitable perhaps, given the “love affair” and all.

On the whole, we just want to have fun with our jewels and would like to have a long-term relationship, not just a fling.  To foster this healthy relationship we need to be attentive to their needs.. (K maybe that metaphor was a bit much).. but you should care for things that you care about... So here are some of those care tips:

1. Don’t get them wet (water, perfume, chlorine, any other harsh chemicals).
2. Keep them away from oils, lotions, and soaps
3. Don’t store them in humid areas.
4. Take them off at night and store them away.

With all of that said, wearing your stylish accessories is meant to be fun and carefree, as should tending to them.  So simply put, don’t shower, swim, sleep or treadmill with them and they should bring you joy for a while.


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