Golden Stories evolved as an extension of Gwen Beloti.  It is a way to cater to our golden girls in a consistent and strategic way; to celebrate how she tells her golden story.  Seasonally members receive a box of jewels that build out a collection.  The styles are timeless while on trend.

It’s ideal for our customers who want to expand their collection and ensure they have the staple pieces for their everyday looks; inclusive of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc.  A well thought out curation that will maximize her wardrobe.

Build your collection with our featured product Golden Stories Accessory Box. Learn more on our members site


"I ordered the GEO charm necklace. It arrived quickly, and I am super happy with the look and quality. It is the perfect everyday necklace that I can add to every outfit and immediately feel just a bit more put together (and I am usually kind of a dummy when it comes to accessories). In fact, I liked it so much I signed up for Gwen’s Golden Stories accessory box, and I can’t wait for my first shipment!"

-ERIN TRUAX , Member

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