Creating for many of us is a form of therapy.  If you’re looking for a moment of creative escape sign up for the challenge.


Our team alongside very generous volunteers including students, customers, friends and family gather in NYC each year to collectively make 100 dresses for little girls, in support of non-profit Little Dresses for Africa.  The dresses are made out of pillowcases - a practical and efficient way to turn an everyday household item into a beautiful wearable garment.  Saturday June 27th we were scheduled to host the 6th Annual event. 

Because gathering the way we typically do isn't ideal, and we still want to support our local and global community, we’re hosting a Make a Dress Challenge.  A prize of $100 will be awarded to one of the participants.

We pledged to donate 10% of our July sales to Little Dresses for Africa, in order to continue to support our global community.  A portion of that donation is being allotted to social justice organization Black Lives Matter, with the support of Little Dresses for Africa.


Make a Dress is intended to be a fun activity and promote creativity and community.  Here's how it works:

1. Sign up by clicking the button below.  After signing up you will receive a link with more information including, tutorials, judging criteria, how to submit your dress, and claiming your prize.

2. The dress must be made out of a pillowcase.

3. Participants will be judged by a committee on creativity, functionality, and effort.

4. One dress per participant should be submitted. 

5. The deadline to submit your dress is July 24th.  The winner will be announced on July 29th.  

*If you don’t know how to sew, no problem we’ll show you.  Effort and circumstance is taken into consideration. 
*The dress the you make, you can locate your local donation center or gift to a beautiful little girl who would enjoy it. 


Josiah R. Freeman

Kwame Garrett-Price



Josiah, a recent graduate headed to the High School of Fashion Industries.  Josiah's interests are design, modeling, sneaker culture and music. 

Kwame, is the founder of American Accessories and Lifestyle House, Cal & Kay;  a brand built on marrying soul and craftsmanship with functional design. 

Charlese, as a Costume Designer Charlese has worked on projects with Warner Brothers, Columbia Pictures, NBC, ABC, Fox, Showtime, Sony, HULU and Netflix. She has designed 10 remarkable feature films over the last 10 years that have premiered at Tribeca, Sundance, ABFF and SXSW.  Charleseantoinette.com

Gwen, founder of Gwen Beloti Collection. Gwen is a womenswear designer excited about the opportunity to build community through her brand.  Charleseantoinette.com

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