Everyone has been complimenting the skyline necklace and the lightning bolt earrings! I wear them everyday!


GOLDEN DROP EARRINGS "Thank you, absolutely beautiful."


The Gwen Beloti collection is just exquisite! I ordered a beautiful gold necklace, and both the chain and the pendant charm are so unique and stylish - I feel very one-of-a-kind in it, and I feel like it's the perfect length and size to wear with both casual and dressy tops. I also ordered the STYLE. tshirt, which I am completely in love with. It's the perfect cut, fabric, and fit. I feel so cute in it! The packaging on my order was also extremely thoughtful, with a handwritten thank-you note and a sweet little affirmation card that I stuck on my mirror. I love this shop and cannot wait to buy more!


Gwen Beloti Collection products are exquisite - Beautifully crafted jewelry and au courant, yet timeless fashion designs! I own a few pieces of the beautiful jewelry, including my recent purchase of the evil eye stud earrings. I have already worn them several times since their very prompt delivery of a bit more than a week ago. Gwen Beloti Collection also pays close attention to all the details - from the gorgeous packaging and the thoughtful card with the inspirational message inside. All these elements add up to a very gratifying and wonderful buying experience. You will not be disappointed by the products and their beautiful and mindful presentation!


Great quality and I loved the personalized packaging especially during these unprecedented times. It definitely put a smile on my face.


DAINTY STUDS "I love these."


I ordered the GEO charm necklace. It arrived quickly, and I am super happy with the look and quality. It is the perfect everyday necklace that I can add to every outfit and immediately feel just a bit more put together (and I am usually kind of a dummy when it comes to accessories). In fact, I liked it so much I signed up for Gwen’s Golden Stories accessory box, and I can’t wait for my first shipment!


I have been a sidelined fan of the GB Collection for years! I have window shopped this collection since the launch. When the Golden Stories Accessory Box launched I knew I wanted in. This year I decided not to just admire any longer and join the excitement of this accessory box! I am so glad I did.




I bought my mom the bow bracelet for mother's day- Not only is the product itself beautiful and distinct, but it arrived promptly with special packaging. Made my mom feel very happy!


EVERYDAY GOLD HOOPS "I'm going to wear these when I travel back to my hometown."


Exceptional customer service! I had the pleasure of seeing her items up close at a pop up event in DC and let me tell you that the quality is exceptional. I purchased the sequin anklet and the amour necklace. It’s been almost a month since my purchase and the items haven’t turned color. One of my items were sold out at the pop up so I opted for delivery. The item shipped quickly and I received email confirmations that put me at ease until my item made its way to me. The packaging and jewelry box were an unexpected extra bonus! I plan on purchasing more items and I suggest you do the same as well!


The hoops are wonderful! I absolutely LOVE them! They’re super versatile and pair well with many outfits. It took me a little bit to get used to the back, but happy that you made them that way! I don’t ever have to worry about losing them with my bulky scarves or that they’ll get stuck on my clothes. -Annamaria


I purchased the small gold bar stud earrings from Gwen and love them! Love supporting a female founder who truly puts her heart and soul into her products and business.


I ordered the Compass Necklace for my daughter's birthday. It's a great piece of jewelry for day to day wear. I've bought other pieces of jewelry and I've had a lot of compliments. It was very easy to place my order online without any problems. I recommend the Gwen Beloti Collection to everyone I know. I love it.


I am IN LOVE with Golden Stories Accessory Box! My Summer Box has been my FAVORITE. The bangles are light and dainty but heavy on the style and class. I literally can’t get enough of them! The best part about this product is that I can mix and match all of the boxes with each other and create different looks to fit my mood. I love that I’m building my accessory collection without leaving my house! Now that is a valuable purchase! I’m looking forward to what Gwen Beloti will put together next!

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