A MORE REWARDING WAY TO SHOP invites you to join our VIP Rewards Program and grab your all access pass to rewards. Unlock exclusive perks and special offers. By sharing, engaging, celebrating, and shopping, you'll earn points that will translate into money.   It's simple and free.



Do I need to be logged in to collect points?
Yes.  To ensure that you collect all of your earned points make sure when you're at that you are signed in.  When sharing, following, or referring, always open the VIP Rewards tab and follow the action steps there.

When are my points available?
Within 24 hours your earnings will show in your account. 

How can I track my points?
The VIP Rewards tab is where you'll earn and track your points.

How are my birthday points activated?
Simply enter your birth date in the VIP Rewards Tab. When your birthday rolls around your points will be unlocked.

How do I refer friends?

1. Click the Get $20, Give $20 button on the bottom left of your screen or click here. When your friend makes a purchase you get $20 and they get $20.

2. Tell your friends about Gwen Beloti by entering their email addresses here, for your chance to win a gift card or free jewelry shipped to you on us. You earn perks and your friend gets 15% off their next order.

What if I have a question about my VIP Rewards and Referrals?
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the program or your points, email

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