Our necklace measurement guide:

We recognize that "standard" sizing is not one size fits all.   For our necklace guide we provide a size range based on placement on the body, where the necklace sits.  The ranges are representative of our customer who come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

To measure your preferred necklace size, identify the place where you want your necklace to sit/fall (collar, bosom, etc).  Then wrap a measuring tape around your neck to that point.  Where the tape meets the other end of the tape once wrapped, is your necklace measurement.  Order your preferred length or the size closest to it. 

Our wrist-wear measurement guide: 
Our sizing is based on the inner circumference or diameter of our bangles and for our bracelets, the length. To estimate the best jewelry size for you, measure your wrist by snugly wrapping it with a measuring tape.  Where the tape meets the other end of the tape once wrapped, is your wrist measurement.

For our bracelets:
wrists between a 6.25 and 6.75 - we recommend the 7"
wrists between 6.8 and 7.75 - we recommend the 8"

In most cases your bracelet should be approximately .5 to .75 inches larger than your wrist.  

For our bangles:
If your wrist measures 6.5 to 7 inches (give or take .25") our medium 2.5" bangles should be a good fit. For wrists 7 to 7.5 inches our large 2.75+" bangles should be a good fit.

For our cuffs (open bangles):
Your cuff should be a little looser than your wrist measurement but not too loose since a cuff is an open bangle.  It's intended to loosely grip your wrist and drape slightly.  Our medium cuffs fit 6.25' - 6.75" wrists and large, wrists between 6.8 and 7.75 .  Most cuffs can be adjusted slightly by gently opening or closing it for the perfect fit for you.  Be gentle, so not to damage your piece. 

For our anklets:

The bracelet measurement method applies to anklets. To determine which anklet size to order, measure your ankle at the point where you want your anklet to sit. Round up your ankle measurement to the inch and order that size. Be sure to leave room (.5 to .75) for comfort. i.e. if your ankle measures 8.25" add .5" = 8.75", rounds up to a 9" anklet. If you want more room or for your anklet to drape more, round up to the following inch.

Our ring size guide:

There are a couple of ways you can determine your ring size.

1. Measure your best fitting ring:
Measure the inner diameter of your ring (distance from one end to the other), in mm (millimeters). Use the chart to determine your size based on the diameter measurement.

2. Measure your finger:

Use a strip of paper or string and wrap it around your finger snugly (on the finger you’re buying the ring for). Measure the length of your paper/string in mm (millimeters) against a ruler or measuring tape. Use the chart to determine your ring size.


• We don’t carry half sizes, we suggest sizing up if you are in between sizes

• Measure your finger in cool temperatures.  Our fingers tend to swell in the heat and they shrink in the cold, somewhere in between is good!

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