"The costume of women should be suited to her wants and needs." - Amelia Bloomer

What we carry


Our pieces are 14kt gold filled or dipped or 18kt gold plated with a base metal of brass. Gold filled is much thicker than traditional plating.  These pieces wear like 14kt solid gold over their lifetime and are an affordable alternative.  Our 18kt plated pieces are made with a thick coating of over 2.5 microns of genuine gold equivalent to gold vermeil. A select assortment of pendants and charms are made from  raw brass which come with a polishing cloth so you can polish your pieces back to their shine and luster.  Details about each individual piece can be found on the product page.  


Solid gold and diamonds, coming soon.


Before making our jewels available to customers and clients we become familiar with how they wear.  We only carry pieces that we believe in.  We want your jewels to last, so it's important that we use high quality materials.  We invite you to shop and enjoy our assortment of accessories with confidence. 


To maximize their longevity here's some recommended care tips:

Caring for your pieces

1. Don’t get them wet (water, perfume, chlorine, sunscreen, any other harsh chemicals).
2. Keep them away from oils, lotions, and soaps.
3. Try putting your jewelry on last to minimize contact with the chemicals listed above.

Storing them
1. Take them off at night and store them away.
2. Store your GB jewels in a cool, dry place to avoid oxidation. Don’t store them in humid areas.
3. Put them in the jewelry box.
4. For your dainty and delicate pieces, store appropriately to avoid tangling or damage.

Anklets tend to be on the daintier side, but we prioritize making ours as durable as possible, so much so you'll likely never want to take it off. But for added care, careful to avoid tugging when dressing, avoid wearing to bed or in the shower.  Store them away and enjoy them when you want to add a little glam to your ankle.

Treat your jewels with care and they should bring you joy for a long while.


Please Note: Gwen Beloti Collection is not responsible for damaged merchandise, wear, tarnishing, or any miscellaneous skin reactions that may occur by foregoing our above Care and Storage recommendations.

Also note, everyone’s skin can react differently to various metals like brass, gold-filled, vermeil or plated finishes. It is best to know if you have any allergies to metals prior to purchasing your items, as Gwen Beloti Collection is not liable for miscellaneous skin reactions. 

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