Gwen Beloti Gold Rings and Bracelet Sets and Stacks

Summer Love Is Here to Stay

An ode to our love collection.

L O V E 

an intense feeling of deep affection.  

How do you define Love, a deep affection for ____, fill in the blank. 

Why love, because it's timelines and kinda like magic.

With our Love collection the word “love” is either explicitly evident on the design or you can find it subtly inscribed in cursive on the back of each piece.  This collection represents her love for golden hues, expression, and life. 

On November 16th, 2021 the collection Love is was debuted in NYC during New York City Jewelry Week. We love this sentiment collection of meaningful jewelry. The perfect gift to give or receive, our love collection lets you express yourself in a beautiful way. Let your loved one know how much they mean to you, tell yourself how much you love you,  with these meaningful pieces.

The jewelry in this line is designed and crafted to share your feelings with the people who matter most, including yourself. Self love at its best. Sometimes, there's nothing like the feeling of knowing you're loved even when it's you reminding yourself.

Jewelry should be a source of joy.  The Love is collection celebrates your inner beauty and reminds you that you deserve something special every day.

The styles in this line can be worn with almost any outfit to add something a little special to your look.

Show yourself some love and treat yourself to some golden jewels, or pick out something special for your bestie. Our products are great presents to give and receive, and can be worn daily. 

We're highlighting a few of our customer favorites...

Love is Love - This necklace will be one that you cherish.  Our Love is Love pendant necklace is a style staple that with draw everyone in.  The pendant design is handmade which makes it even more special. This piece is beautiful draped over a high neck top or worn with on open blouse or v-neck. 

Love Letter - L O V E, spell it loud and clear or just wear it across your chest.  The golden pendant and black accent are a combination of classic elements with a modern style.  

Love Notes - Love Is.  If there was one word you could write over and over again, let it be love.  The greek key design and love letters are a unique style that makes the perfect subtle statement.


The love jewelry is here to stay. Give yourself a little boost of confidence, or pamper that special person in your life. Treat yourself jewelry is a thoughtful gift for those who appreciate beautiful things.

 Lisa P., GB Team

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