What are the proper steps to clean gold jewelry? 

Jewelry regardless of the cost tends to be special to us for one reason or another. So whether your jewelry is a high value piece or an inexpensive item , it is important that it looks its best. The good news is that if your jewelry begins to look grimy or dull, often carrying out  some simple TLC  will soon restore it to tip top condition.

To clean your gold jewelry you don’t have to invest in an expensive cleaning solution. Often plain water and a few drops of dish soap is all you need.

So how do you clean gold jewelry? Let’s take a look at the proper steps and the equipment you need to clean your jewelry. 

Very mild dish soap

Warm water ( not hot!) 

Glass bowl or similar receptacle

Soft toothbrush or cosmetic brush (optional)

Kitchen strainer such as colander or sieve 

  • Step 1/ Pour lukewarm water into a bowl and mix with a couple of drops of dish soap.
  • Step 2/ Soak your jewelry in the solution for just a few minutes. 
  • Step 3/ If your jewelry still appears grimy use a very soft bristled brush  to remove any embedded dirt and grime 
  • Step 4/ You can rinse your jewelry by running it under water. Again the water should be lukewarm rather than hot. Make sure the sink is plugged or you could lose tiny pieces. Alternatively place the jewelry in a kitchen strainer or sieve for extra safety. 
  • Step 5/ Pat the jewelry with a soft towelette and leave it to dry in the air on a clean towel or palette. 


What's the best way to care for jewelry?

Jewelry can bear the brunt of unintentional harsh treatment sometimes. Because we love it so much , we tend to wear it all the time.  But although it is convenient to keep it on in the shower, overnight, or when we go to the beach or pool you should definitely consider taking your jewelry off  before these activities . If you do, it will maintain your jewelry in good condition for longer. 

When we shower, our jewelry pieces come in contact with liquids and chemicals as well as abrasive materials such as washcloths and loofahs. When we sleep there is a tendency to toss and turn which can cause damage and strain on your jewelry, such as delicate chains. 


Wearing your jewelry at the pool or the beach is also not a great idea. Salt water, chlorine and the chemicals in sunscreen can build up.  It’s important to keep your jewelry away from oils and lotions. 


For all these reasons we recommend that you remove your jewelry before carrying out these activities in order to extend the life of your jewelry. This shouldn’t feel like a complete burden. If you invest in quality pieces of jewelry that can withstand a few times when you forget to remove it, your jewelry will be fine.

One helpful tip is to prioritize your jewelry pieces. Always remove delicate chains and diamonds, and precious stones, before showering, sleeping and going to the beach. The rest of your jewelry should be able to withstand the few times when you forget to take it off.

Caring for your jewelry is important. If you remember to remove it before certain activities it will prolong its life span and even better you won’t need to clean it as often. 


What's the best way to store jewelry?

It is important to remove your jewelry and store it in a safe and secure place. You should always keep your jewelry out of direct sunlight and store in a cool place to prevent tarnish and oxidation . 

The place you choose to keep your everyday pieces of jewelry needs to be convenient. If it is too much hassle to store it, chances are you just won’t bother! 


Do certain types of jewelry need certain types of storage? 

You should keep your pieces of jewelry separate from each other. A soft dust bag for individual pieces or placing in a cloth lined jewelry box will help prevent scratches on stones and metals. It is important that your jewels are not in contact with anything that could cause abrasion.


So for your pairs of earrings to avoid friction between the post of one and the base of the other, store them separately to prevent potential damage. Chains should also be stored in their own box or cloth to prevent tangling. 


To keep your jewelry organized and avoid having tons of small jewelry boxes, use a larger box that has compartments or store your pieces in their own dust bags and put all of the dust bags into one jewelry box.


If you are uncomfortable with cleaning your own jewelry then take it to a professional for assistance at your local neighborhood jeweler. 

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