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Love Letter Necklace
Love Letter Necklace
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Love Letter Necklace

Love Letter Necklace

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Love Is.  L O V E, spell it loud and clear or just wear it across your chest.  The golden pendant and black accent are a combination of classic elements with a modern style.  


  • Gold filled chain
  • 18kt gold pendant
  • Measures approx 20" in length
    Pendant measures approx 0.75" in diameter


Chain - Gold filled made to last.  Not traditional plating, gold filled items have a thick layer of genuine gold bonded to them, high quality.  Wear your jewels with confidence.

Pendant -18kt gold plated. Not flash plating, our gold plated jewels are designed with a thick coating of over 2.5 microns of genuine gold equivalent to gold vermeil, over a brass metal base.  Wear your jewels with confidence.


Size Charts

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Inner Measurement of ring
(in millimeters)
16.5 17.3 18.1 19.1 19.8
Ring Size 6 7 8 9 10


 Base of finger circumference 
(in millimeters)
51.9 54.4 57 60 62.1
Ring Size 6 7 8 9 10

 Email to inquire about size 11+.




Wrist Size

Jewelry Size

6.25 - 6.75"
6.8 - 7.75"



6.5 - 75"
7 - 7.5"



6.25 - 6.75"
6.8 and 7.75"


Add 5 to .75 " to the measurement of your ankle to determine your anklet size.  Round up to the nearest whole size, i.e. if your ankle measures 8.25" add .5" = 8.75", rounds up to a 9" anklet. If you want more room or for your anklet to drape more, round up to the following inch.

Review all sizing and measuring information here.

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