Hi, and Welcome to Gwen Beloti Collection!

I'm Gwen, the founder and designer of my namesake brand, Gwen Beloti.  I’m so happy you are here. 

I am a Brooklyn native and founded my jewelry brand because of my love for fashion. 

At a young age my style was heavily influenced by accessorizing.  I could shop for accessories all day, my favorite part of the store.  Shopping for clothing on the other hand wasn’t always easy or fun.  I found it difficult to find stylish apparel that fit well as my weight often fluctuated.  As a result of my struggles with clothing, I fell madly in love with jewelry.  I used accessories to make statements with my look. 

It’s my experience with fashion that led me to create my own line.  I taught myself the art of design in both apparel and jewelry before being formally trained.  In 2019 we launched our first complete Gwen Beloti jewelry collection.  It was my mission to offer our clients styles that were accessible and luxe.  Today we carry an assortment of golden jewels perfect for everyday wear.   Our styles are offered in a range of sizes and lengths.  Taking into account my personal issues with fit, it’s important for us to be size inclusive and to celebrate all golden beauties.

Notably, our mission to design pieces that are stylish, accessible and inclusive does not come at the expense of quality.  Quality is of utmost importance to our brand.  Our golden jewels are curated with care and designed to last.  Why gold?  I happen to have a particular affinity for its luster, hues, and luxe appeal; that exudes an aura of confidence.  The very first piece of jewelry I designed was a gold necklace with my beloved city of Brooklyn spelled across the front, that I still wear to this day.  

It is my hope that you too will create memories in your Gwen Beloti pieces, that they’ll brighten up your look and mood each day. 




Gwen Beloti jewels are curated primarily here in the U.S., produced in small batches, much of which is handmade.  Gwen is fortunate to work with a great team to bring your jewel experience to life. 

Her love for this experience of adorning yourself, paired with rave customer feedback, inspired her to launch the brands's featured product, Golden Stories Accessory Box.  Golden Stories is a seasonal box of gold jewels designed to build a perfect and complete collection for members.  Learn more at

"At Gwen Beloti Collection we aim to always prioritize style and quality, only carrying pieces that we believe in.  We invite you to wear your Gwen Beloti with confidence" Gwen


Gwen earned her design certification at the Fashion Design Studio and the New York School of Design under the tutelage of FIT professors after completing her Master's Degree in Psychology.  She values her education but attributes her ability to really connect with her customer to her own experiences as a woman, shopper, and lover of fashion.  It’s her creative spirit that has cultivated her style endeavors.  When Gwen isn’t designing, she’s still designing, her food that is.  Gwen follows a plant based diet and to keep it fun and spicy, no pun intended, she curates colorful and aesthetically appealing meals.


Gwen's background in apparel design forged her relationship with the non-profit, Little Dresses for Africa.  Her love for creating and empowering women motivated her to form her own initiative in support of the organization.  Annually Gwen organizes a group of volunteers to assist with making and designing 100 dresses for little girls across the globe who are in need of them.  The project is currently funded largely by Gwen Beloti Collection. A portion of every sale helps to fund the initiative. In theory and in practice Gwen Beloti customers are key contributors in serving the community.

To date the brand has donated over 500 plus dresses to Little Dresses for Africa.  To learn more visit our Community page - Learn more.

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