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Our overarching mission is to foster the growth and empowerment of women across the world through fashion.   We’re avid believers that one of the most freeing and creative experiences this life affords us, is the opportunity to express how we each define style and share that with the world.    

“Having worked in a professional office setting for years and sustained a schedule that requires attendance to many meetings, seminars, conferences, etc., I vowed early in my career not to compromise my love for stylish, chic, and unique apparel for the sake of a so called 'traditional' wardrobe.”  Gwen Beloti  

Gwen Beloti caters to the woman looking to forego tradition in a traditional setting, just a bit, for the sake of style; for the woman on the go creating her own definition of classic. We recognize that our girl, she's our "girl" because she’s young at heart, values her wardrobe and her time.   Gwen Beloti pieces are a collection of feminine silhouettes, a mixture of movement and structure made from quality materials in solids and subtle prints.  We wholeheartedly respect, understand, and appreciate the value of a garment and produce pieces that are versatile, many of which can transition from day to night, and be worn season to season.  

To further foster our commitment to the value of wardrobe, we design a collection of trendy and print driven pieces that are more readily accessible, GB by Gwen Beloti.  We create on the premise that your wardrobe is an investment in you.  We aim to produce looks that complement the lifestyle of our girl.

Because our personal style philosophies lives in all areas of our lives, we want to do more than just design clothes that make our girl look and feel beautiful, but to also build an engaging style conscious community. Our monthly style-letters and style tips range from topics such as “How to Mix & Match for Maximum Wear” to “Men’s Fashion - What BAE Would Wear”, and “Top Brunch Picks” to “All Things Brooklyn”,.  It’s empowering to explore, identify, and embrace who you are in this realm of style and fashion, and the impact it has on the many facets of your life.    

Gwen Beloti is committed to fostering this sense of empowerment to our extended community.  Through our local and global philanthropy initiatives, Fashionably Smart, Literally™, Prom Dress to Impress™, and our affiliation with Little Dresses to Africa, we’re able to connect with the community in a way that is fulfilling and adds invaluable meaning to our mission.