A womenswear line of apparel and accessories that aims to holistically serve the woman looking to add style to her wardrobe, the woman who wants to not just look good, but feel good. 


"Laws should be like clothes. They should be made to fit the people they serve." -Clarence Darrow


Feminine silhouettes that prioritize style and fit, available in standard sizes 4-18 representative of every size the designer, Gwen Beloti, herself has worn.

We recognize that women come in a variety of shapes and sizes and whoever she is, she deserves accessible stylish wears.

We produce an intimate assortment of staple and fashionable looks that you can maximize; each product description highlighting how the garment can be styled and worn. 

Our collection of dresses and separates are made locally in New York City.  


An assortment of golden toned jewels that can be worn stand-alone or layered and stacked.  We design and source pieces and materials in line with our commitment to offer quality items equipped to accent or complete your everyday look. 

Our pieces are primarily gold filled, with a selection of brass and sterling items; affordable luxury that you can maximize.   

"When you find a piece that you love and it feels good on, you want to be able to wear it over and over again. It's so important that we design pieces you can continue to enjoy, and recall that feeling of joy and confidence you felt when you wore it the first time, on the second, third and twentieth time."

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Gwen, a Brooklyn, New York born and based designer believes in providing her customer with options, some that she didn’t always have.  

Before launching her collection, finding clothing that fit well an accommodated her own body concerns was sometimes a challenge.  Gwen understands the importance of celebrating what makes women not just look good, but feel good in their clothing.

The brand pays particular attention to how a garment drapes on the body and highlights a woman's curves; where the garment sits allowing it to accentuate the waistline; how a garment makes you feel secure and pulled together... all essential to the design process.  

"I don't know how to design without considering fit, because it's something I've always had to think about.  Designing beyond the look, but the feel.. is what my experiences have lead me to do."  - Gwen Beloti

Gwen, as she navigated through her struggles with purchasing apparel acquired a set of skills that would prove useful in building her own brand.  At a young age her style was influenced heavily by accessorizing.  Accessories afforded her the opportunity to make creative statements in lieu of apparel that didn't always flatter her.  She mastered the art of accessorizing.

Gwen also acquired the know-how of layering, in an attempt to camouflage her own physique insecurities.  She used all of these experiences, some of which perceivably unfavorable, to better serve her style needs and now her consumers' as well.


Gwen's personal journey and experience with fashion is what brought her to create her own collection.

Ultimately she sought to find a solution to her problem and founded her brand.  Initially self taught Gwen later pursued formal training at the Fashion Design Training Studio and the New York School of Design under the tutelage of FIT professors after completing her Master's Degree in Psychology. These outlets further developed her talent and provided her with the skills needed to create her collection.

Gwen used her personal experience as a consumer turned designer to curate a line of apparel that makes room for the everyday style and fit conscious woman.  Her creativity and passion to serve and celebrate women through fashion is poured into every piece.

"I just wanted everyday stylish looks that I looked and felt beautiful in.  I wanted great outfits for work, for ladies night, for cocktail events... outfits that fit and didn't sacrifice style for it"


Gwen Beloti’s commitment to fostering this sense of empowerment extends beyond its customer base to the greater community.  Gwen has been recognized for her philanthropic efforts which include Fashionably Smart, Literally™, Prom Dress to Impress™, and affiliation with Little Dresses for Africa (LDFA).

Each project cultivates a connection with the community that is fulfilling and adds invaluable meaning to the brand mission.   A portion of every sale helps to fund these initiatives. In theory and in practice Gwen Beloti customers are key contributors in serving the community.

On June 29, 2019 the brand hosted its 5th Annual 100 Dresses for Little Dresses for Africa Project and has now made and donated over 500 plus dresses.  Read more.


Foster the growth and empowerment of women across the world through fashion.

Because we believe that our individual style philosophies lives in all areas of our lives and not just our wardrobe, at Gwen Beloti Collection we not only want to design clothes that make our girl look and feel beautiful... we aim to also build an engaging community.

"We’re avid believers that one of the most freeing and creative experiences this life affords us, is the opportunity to express how we each define style and share that with the world. A luxury that everyone should be privy to."

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Style- how we feel, give, and live.  Let's stay stylishly connected!

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