The Set Up: NY Now

The Set Up: NY Now

you following us on instagram?  If you are then you already know.  We shared behind the scenes footage of getting set up, showcasing, and breaking down.

We wanted to look our best and invested a lot of love into curating an inviting and cool space, from the color of the paint we used to the images we chose to display as art on our walls.  The end result was one that we were pleased with and think our guests and visitors enjoyed it too.  Check it out on instagram here

This market gives us the opportunity to connect with retailers not just here in the city but shops from all over, domestic and international.  We love what we do here on our eshop and value the partnerships that we have with our current retailers.  Our goal is to amplify that in more spaces.  Happy to announce that we’ve since opened up new accounts and Gwen Beloti will be available at more locations across the country.  We’ll be announcing our retail partners soon.  We hope that you’ll share with your friends and family in these select areas so that they can experience the Gwen Beloti brand in person at a location near them.

Be sure to follow us on instagram for more updates and behind the scenes captures.


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