Fine . Fall . 2023.

Fine . Fall . 2023.

We wanted to let you know that we will officially launch the Gwen Beloti Fine Jewelry line this fall.   We’ll continue to build our demi-fine fashion collection as we introduce our new line of solid gold and natural diamonds.  

We have always wanted to keep you looped in about what’s happening and what’s on the way, this exciting news is no exception. 

Our fine collection will include an assortment of 14kt and 18kt gold styles embellished with natural diamonds.  If you’ve been wanting to invest in a special piece of diamond jewelry for yourself or for a loved one we hope you’ll consider shopping with us.  Flexible payment options with financing options will be available on the new collection.  

Gwen Beloti Fine Jewelry 5.jpg__PID:7799a6af-d148-428c-98ca-247a6a959a58

We’ve invested a lot of love, energy, and passion into designing this collection for you.  We assure you that it’ll be as special as you are.  We were committed to designing jewels that can be lavishly adorned every day. 

Thank you for your support of the Gwen Beloti brand.  We design with you in mind and continue to dedicate ourselves to the quality and style that you’ve come to know us for. Stay tuned for more shine.


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