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Today's Gold Book post is dedicated to loving your lobes, yup your ear lobes. The ones that you dress up in beautiful shiny earrings everyday, those.  Followed by necklaces, earrings are a top jewelry category.  We know because they're one of our top sellers.  We put together a list of 5 tips to love on your lobes so you can keep rocking all of your favorite earrings, comfortably.  You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. At Gwen Beloti we want you to look beautiful and feel amazing too. 


  1. Are you wearing your cool hoops or dangles to the office or to your girlfriends baby shower? Enjoy! and before you go to bed at night, take them off. Your smaller earrings may not be such a big deal, but your larger ones you definitely want to remove before you snooze. You’ll also want to remove pieces that can snag on your sheet or jammies. Just think, you’re tossing and turning, flipping and whatever else throughout the night. A bonus to taking your jewels off at night, you’ll preserve them and prevent them from getting damaged. I don’t know about you, but those pieces in my jewelry box that I’ve fallen in love with, I want to enjoy them for the long term.
  2. Switch it up. If you love large hoops and dangles, and tend to wear them every day, try giving your lobes a little rest by wearing studs or huggies. Huggies are hoops, just smaller and likely lighter. They’re unlikely to weigh your ear down. If your go-to is a minimalist look, an everyday stud, maybe with stones or a pop of color could be a cool switch up. If you have multiple ear piercings you can have a ball mixing and matching various studs. Changing up your styles and experimenting with new looks can be fun.
  3. Wear larger earring backs. Have you heard of these? These are earring backs that are about twice the size of a traditional back. These will give you more support and a lift. The circumference of the back is wide and supports the weight of your earring while giving it a lift. So if you want more support or a bit of a lift, these are a great 'pick me up'.
  4. Limit the time you're wearing your heavier earrings. So after that amazing event you attended, being the best dressed person in the room, when it's over take off the show stoppers. Sometimes you’re still in glam mode, maybe you want to take a few more pics, and why wouldn't you. But after you get the best selfie, take your earrings off.
  5. Lastly, if you like wearing your larger or heavier earrings everyday, we get it, consider opting for lightweight styles. So many GB beauties are “hoop girls” and they won’t get caught without them. If that’s you, invest in styles that are on the lighter side. You know your ears, if it feels right and comfortable then go for it.

At Gwen Beloti our aesthetic is everyday wear and most of our pieces are on the lighter side. We put this post together for all golden beauties. We know that many of our clients have an assortment of pieces in their wardrobe, including perhaps bold and pronounced pieces.

We love jewelry here and want you to continue to enjoy our ear candy, so we're definitely mindful of the tips we shared.  We carry an assortment of styles that come in handy when you want to swap styles throughout the week. We love designing pieces that you can mix and match and incorporate into your daily wardrobe.

Our hoops, styles like our classic and boyfriend are great for regular wear. Many of our clients, as you’ll read in the reviews, wear our hoops daily. We also carry an assortment of studs and huggies for you to have fun with.  We fully support the switch up and encourage you to have fun with your pieces and most importantly do what feels good!

Below are some of our bestselling earrings and the large earring backs we told you about. If this post gave you a bit of insight, share it with other golden beauties.


Sherry Hoops


$95.00 USD


Large Gold Earring Backs


$40.00 USD


Nina Classic Gold Hoops


$80.00 USD


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