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I wanted to create a space on where we could celebrate and educate our customers.  Jewelry is so much more than just jewelry, it is a part of a daily ritual for many of us.  We interact with our jewelry on a daily basis.  There is something to be said about an accessory we rely so much on. 



We launched our blog Gold Book at the start of 2022 and every month we release a new post.  The topic categories range from Tips and Tricks, Styling 101, Sizing, Product and Customer Features, and more.   The customer feature is probably what I am most excited about.  We are inviting our customers to take over our blog and share their style by showing us how they styled their Gwen Beloti jewelry and what inspired them. When you tag us in your posts on social media, leave reviews, and email us images of you in your jewelry we are so inspired by you. We look forward to you bringing that style and energy to the blog. Keep an eye out for our emails to sign up for a feature if you’re interested in sharing your style story. 

Then there is the education piece.  If you’ve read any of our recent posts like Loving Your Earlobes or Avoiding a Fling with Your Jewelry, you might have noticed that the common theme is often tips and insights.  We want to educate you on how to get the most out of your jewelry.  When you know how to care for your jewelry, how to use it to enhance your wardrobe, then the experience of accessorizing and adorning becomes part of your life moments and memories.   



We know that our customer values transparency. A part of our brand commitment is to bring you behind the scenes and to share the process.  We are taking you with us on photoshoots, to the manufacture, pop up shops, and other happenings.  

Jewelry is very much a part of a lifestyle.  We love seeing how our clients and customers style the same piece completely differently because they have a different aesthetic.  There is so much that inspires our lifestyle from color, to art, to words, to sound, texture, etc. etc.  Spoiler alert, we’re inviting an interior designer to talk about what inspires their own home design and how that compares to what inspires their accessories.  Stay tuned for that article and others from experts in various industries and creative spaces. You'll get the ins and outs of our backstage happenings and get a glimpse of how our community is curating their looks. 



This corner of is affectionately named Gold Book because we are all things golden here at Gwen Beloti.  These articles are a collection of golden stories, not just ours but yours as well.  They chronicle our journey as a company and connection with our community.  While we’ll always be about style, fashion, glam, and the like, we like to make sure that we're connecting on a deeper level and share real value.  We love hearing from you, listening to you and evolving because of you. 



In upcoming posts you’ll hear more from (me) the Founder, the team, the customer, and other friends. Thank you for being here. Stay tuned! 

– Gwen Beloti, Founder 


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