Gwen Beloti at the Natural Diamond Council Emerging Designer Diamond Initiative Press Day

PRESS DAY : Gwen Beloti Fine


7am on October 17th on the upper east side of NYC, the calm before the beautiful storm that was our press & media day filled with love, support, and genuine admiration for our art and talent. From 9 to 5 before the toast, the room was full of industry professionals and creatives who were excited to see and celebrate us.  
10.17.23 we officially and finally launched our full fine jewelry collection.  A long time coming and we are here.  The word of the year has been gratitude and I continue be in awe of the growth and maturity of our brand.
We now look forward to going deeper, sharing the why and the how, the highlights and hard work (sleepless nights at times) to pour into this collection.  
It’s quite a momentous accomplishment and I’m grateful that we got and get to share it with you.  Still so much more to come. 
Thank you to the Only Natural Diamond Council. Forever grateful.  Gwen Beloti Fine Jewelry.
Gwen, Founder


Photo credit Robbie Nero

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