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Woven Essentia: Gwen Beloti Fine

Woven Essentia: Gwen Beloti Fine

An inside look at the diamond collection, Woven Essentia.

Woven Essentia: the movement and interconnectedness of luxury staples.

"Though jewelry has always been a part of my life, my identity for a while was all about clothing.  I was an apparel designer for several years.  I hadn’t realized how much of that experience would influence what we create today." - Gwen 

This collection of gold and diamonds is a result of love and passion for one art form channeled through another.  Every detail, as subtle as it may be, is purposeful and meaningful.

Prisms & Pleats, Shapes & Cuts.  Our Textured Gold & Diamond Cuff Bangles:
Gwen Beloti Gold Diamond Cuff Stack Set
Our take on a classic.  Woven Open Pinky Signet.  Durable Open Weave:
Gwen Beloti Woven Open Pinky Signet Ring
Woven and wefted metal, strategically placed baguette and kite shaped diamonds, prong set for added texture:Gwen Beloti Diamond Kite Motif Earrings

Luxe Buttons. Each emerald cut diamond meticulously placed between a set of pleats giving shape to its own textured pattern. 

Explore more of the collection here


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