Stacking and Layering Is Now Convenient: Here’s how!

Stacking and Layering Is Now Convenient: Here’s how!

Mastering the skill of stacking jewelry may require a little practice, but at least it’s fun.  Fashion and accessorizing can be a playful and rewarding experience.   Since jewelry is a form of self-expression, feel free to design it in any way you choose.  While there are no hard and fast rules in the world of jewelry, there are a few tricks of the trade that may help you achieve a chic, sophisticated, stylish look when it comes to layering.   We’ve got a few ideas.

In terms of fashion, stacking jewelry is undoubtedly on the rise and trending, but it's also a matter of individual taste.  It's all about making your own fashion statement.  We know that figuring out how to combine various forms, textures, and components to achieve a layered look could be a little challenging.  That’s okay because you've come to the right place.  We’ve got what you’ll need to build that perfect stack and we’re going to show you how to wear it. You’ll become your own expert.

How to Layer Your Necklaces?

If you keep up with the latest fashion news you’ve likely seen how popular necklace stacking is. Chains are becoming more and more of a statement piece.  Are there looks that you admire and want to mimic? 

Some of our favorite celebrities that prefer to pile on necklaces include Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift, and Rihanna.  It might appear a little overwhelming to achieve those looks.  If you look closely, however, you'll see that the stacking is usually rather faint.  Many women are under the impression that stacking is a numbers game when, in fact, it is all about experimenting with length and texture.

  • Decide a Necklace Base

When layering necklaces, choosing a focal piece to use as a foundation is a good compass. A choker or a small chain would typically be the shortest necklace in a layered look. Choose the remaining necklaces based on this example.

Wearing the necklace alone won't tell you much about how it looks with other chains, but trying on many necklaces at once will. When it comes to jewelry, the evidence is in the appearance when on the body.  Have fun and experiment.

  • Pay Attention to the Chain Structure

Use a mix of chain lengths, shapes, and finishes to create a chic layered look. You can create your unique look by using contrasting textures and sometimes even interesting charms and pendants. 

When it comes to length specifically, you can choose the longest chain or the last necklace in your stack to wear your pendant. This way your pendant won’t get lost within your shorter necklaces.  Does this mean you can’t wear a pendant on one of the shorter necklaces? It does not.  It’s okay to let it get lost if you like a little chaos.  Sometimes a little confusion and golden mess is cool.  Your stack doesn’t have to be super neat if you don’t want it to be.

  • Mix and Match

Opt for necklaces that have a different look from one another  (be it design or length). The idea of stacking and layering the jewelry is to make it stylish and fun, you can do that by using these mixing-and-matching techniques. There is an overwhelming variety of chains to choose from.  So, if stacking and layering necklaces still does not feel like your cup of tea, or it’s a bit too much, simply opt for double necklaces like this stunning double golden baguette necklace.

How to Stack Your Bracelets?

Layering bracelets is similar to layering necklaces.  We can play around with the fit a bit by keeping some bracelets slack and others snug, i.e. a cuff and a link bracelet.   The bracelets will stand out and look great with each other because of the contrast in style.  Bracelets are great since they complement both informal and formal looks.

  • Choose different thickness

Larger and chunkier bracelets and bangles are eye-catching and look amazing when worn alone, but great when worn with more minimal bracelet styles as well.  Pile them on until it looks good to you, until it feels good to you and flows with your mood and your outfit.  If you're wearing a bracelet that makes a statement on its own—a charm bracelet or one with stones or intricate detailing —pair it with  a piece that won’t take away the magic but instead inhance it.

How to Stack Your Rings?

Stacking rings is the most convenient approach to blending modern and timeless looks if you're always looking to make a creative and stylish statement whether it's bold or subtle.  Stacking rings of varying sizes, shapes, and styles can be a lot of fun and create a really fashion forward look.

Band rings are a good and easy start, ideal for stacking since they tend to be slimmer and flatter, allowing many bands to be worn on a single finger. Stack them up and then combine with a bold ring, such as a gemstone or a signet.

Be harmonious or be chaotic, both are fashionable.  Test out different ring stacks and pairings on multiple fingers until you find the looks you like and love. 


We consider stacking to be an art form here at Gwen Beloti because it allows you a great deal of creative freedom. Adding layers in jewelry is an amazing way to dress up simple clothing for the evening and be casually fashionable too. Indeed. It’s a great way to upgrade your look.


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