Shop Gwen Beloti Jewelry at Saks

Shop Gwen Beloti Jewelry at Saks

Gwen Beloti Jewelry is Now Available at Saks! 

You can shop our jewelry at Saks Fifth Avenue!  OMG! I’m Gwen Beloti and even just writing these words gives me a huge sense of awe and accomplishment. It is mind-blowing! 

As everyone in the world knows, Saks Fifth Avenue is the iconic American department store.  It is the premier destination for luxury fashion and designer wear and the Saks jewelry collection includes the best and most beautiful brands in the world today. I feel humbled to be included in such great company. 

Boucheron, Alexander McQueen , Chanel , Gucci ,Givenchy; Saks showcases only the best from established jewelry designers as well as providing a place for newer contemporary brands such as mine. 

This multi-layered approach has been a trademark of Saks since the company began. Throughout the company’s history, Saks has never stopped evolving and has always drawn on contemporary fashion from new designers as well the world famous brands which are a staple of the collection. 

Gwen Beloti Jewelry is now on sale via the website. 

It was always my dream to be stocked by Saks!

Back when I first started my jewelry business, I dreamed that one day my jewelry collection would be carried by Saks. 

It has been a long road. To have the endorsement of such a notable company is not only super exciting; it feels like my jewelry range has arrived. It didn’t happen overnight though, each small step along the way led me to where I am now and where I hope the brand to be in the future. 

Why is Saks so important? 

Saks has a special place in the heart of American fashion. The store is a classic rags to riches tale of America and has seen many stand out moments throughout its long history. Let’s check out a quick timeline. 

Saks was founded in Washington by Andrew Saks in 1863, a poor boy with a natural flair for business and clothing. Called Saks and Co, the company expanded across the USA. The Fifth Avenue store was opened in 1924 under the director Horace Saks, the son of the founder. 

Following the death of Horace Saks, Andrew Gimbel became president of the company in 1925. He redecorated the Fifth Avenue flagship store in the style of Arte Moderne. It quickly became the store of choice to the stars of the day offering a vast range of services and exhibitions. 

The Saks fashion designer Sophie Hass Rosenbach married Andrew Gimbel and this power couple dominated the cultural and fashion scene for decades. She was a talented designer providing a unique US style rather than the French influence of the major fashion houses. 

Often appearing on Time magazine and lauded by visiting royalty and international stars. Saks has always represented the best quality and style available in the USA. 

Over the next few decades, Saks has been involved with important events of the nation. From welcoming astronauts to hosting presidents and inventing ways to improve the customer experience, Saks has always seamlessly managed to hit the right tone at the right time. 

Today Saks is owned by the Hudson Bay Company (HBC) who has continued to innovate and to take Saks Fifth Avenue across the world. 

When you shop at Saks you are taking part in a great American tradition

Shopping at Saks is taking part in a great American tradition. This store has always been around for decades for us to indulge in the dazzle and delight of luxury. The flagship store on Fifth Avenue is still the epitome of style and glamour that has astounded customers over the years. 

For me Gwen Beloti, it is awe inspiring to have my collection sold by an entity that I’ve admired for so long.   So if you’re surfing the web check us out online via the Saks website and please share the love! 

Celebrate the Milestones

To celebrate our new partnership with Saks we invited our customers to join us at a our holiday pop up for a glass of champagne. Cheers to the beautiful milestone. 



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