What Girl Doesn't Love Diamonds

What Girl Doesn't Love Diamonds

The Next Level

Gwen Beloti jewelry is designed for women who love gold, our mission is to curate an experience through adornment that makes women look and feel beautiful everyday, not just on occasion.  We create modern day classics utilizing quality materials, expert craftsmanship, as well as superior design principles because we only want the best for our customers. 

We’ve grown into retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue online and the collection is resonating with women of all ages and styles. 

Women who have invested in our assortment whether you have one or ten pieces, you've experienced first hand our commitment to style and quality.  If you are new to Gwen Beloti, know that we pride ourselves on working really hard to earn your golden trust. We're excited to share with both our new and current customers that we've just been awarded a prestigious opportunity that will bring the collection into a whole new level of luxury that we think you'll love.

In January 2023 Gwen Beloti was welcomed into the Emerging Designers Diamond Initiative (EDDI). This is a fantastic honor for Gwen, the brand, but also great news for our customers. 

So what is the Emerging Designers Diamond Initiative? 

The National Diamond Council (NDC) together with celebrated jewelry designer Lorraine Schwarz launched the Emerging Designers Diamond Initiative in 2021 with the aim of supporting young upcoming designers. 

This is a prestigious award to give emerging designers a chance to work with diamonds. It is awarded each year to only a handful of jewelry designers who have proved to be the best in their field regardless of race or economic background. 

This year there are six winning candidates and we are one of them.   The EDDI is far more than an award. The program provides mentoring with industry professionals and gives each winning designer diamond credit to curate their own fine gold and diamond collection.  This is a fabulous opportunity that affords the winners the chance to work directly with diamond cutters and producers (diamantaires) so they can use their own diamond cuts to create jewelry that is magical, unique and of fine quality. 

With our current demi-fine jewelry line and our upcoming expanded assortment of diamonds Gwen Beloti will remain committed to being accessible and inclusive to empower women daily through adornment.

The Gwen Beloti diamond collection will be on show and available to buy at this year’s Luxury by JCK Show, taking place May 31 – June 5 in Las Vegas. 

Gwen Beloti Jewelry - ethical diamonds of the future

We have always supported community building and giving so we are happy that working with Lorraine Schwartz and the Only Natural Diamond collection has meaning beyond styling a beautiful piece of jewelry;  it has a beneficial effect on the planet. 

The Only Natural Diamond Collection values sustainably and improves the lives of the people in the areas that mine and source the diamonds. This means that when you buy Gwen Beloti Jewelry you are not only buying an exquisite piece from an emerging designer brand, but you are buying into a cleaner, more ethical future for everyone.

Stay tuned for the launch of Gwen Beloti's first diamond collection.


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