col·​lec·​tion | \ kə-ˈlek-shən

: the act or process of collecting

Source: Webster


A collection, a capsule more specifically, is a complete collection that features your more essential and significant pieces. These are the pieces you can rely on to style your daily looks and your “going out” looks too.  So just like your apparel wardrobe includes your tops, bottoms, jackets, etc., your jewelry collection includes your earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.  Within each category you might have a few different styles to complete the collection.

A 'complete' collection, the thought of it sounds refreshing right? The reassurance that you have all of what you need is great. It might also sound restrictive, because a true collection should be ever evolving. What the capsule does is ensure that you have your key pieces.  What gives your ever evolving collection longevity is its timeless elements. We maximize our wardrobe by investing in quality and timeless designs.  For instance, hoop earrings will always be a staple.  When it comes to quality, jewelry made from high grade materials should be a priority.  At Gwen Beloti our 14kt gold filled and 18kt gold plated jewelry is designed for longevity, our styles are also accessible without sacrificing quality or style.  In our recent Gold Post: How to Avoid A Fling, we outlined 5 tips to enjoy your jewelry collection long-term. One of those tips is to shop pieces that you like, not just what's trending.


Beyond the timeless appeal of classic styles what’s even more important is having a collection that speaks to your overall personal style.  Your collection should be a reflection of you.  Not sure how to define what your personal style is? Here’s a couple of things to consider:


  1. What’s the common thread in your jewelry wardrobe?  Is it long necklaces that you wear often, because you enjoy high necklines and cool t-shirts?  Is it Pendant or Drop Charm necklaces because you love V-necks?
  2. What creates your most flattering silhouette? Maybe it’s stud earrings to accentuate the profile of your face, or a lot of rings because you like showing off your hands and nails?
  3. Something else worth considering is where and how often you wear your jewels.  Do you attend a lot of fancy events that might warrant more statement pieces?  Are you a more casual everyday glam kind of person?

Once you identify your favorites and must haves you can fill in the gaps to complete your collection to further complement your style.  Your collection may look very different from someone else's capsule.  If you're not really into rings, then your collection may not have any.  If you love stud earrings, you might have several of them. Maybe you need a few variations of the designs you have so you can switch up your look often.  You might even want to experiment with a few styles that you like but have been hesitant to wear. 

Are you comfortable with your current jewelry collection? One way to determine that is by asking yourself if you feel accessory prepared for most of your outfits and outings.  Does it give you glam security… If you find yourself feeling like your accessories don’t complete your looks, you may want to expand or revamp your collection so it compliments your wardrobe and lifestyle.  

Key takeaway, having a collection that is a reflection of you is what matters.  Research shows that there’s a strong link between wardrobe and mood, that wearing pieces we associate with happiness impacts how we feel. Who doesn’t like feeling good?

We definitely want you to feel good in whatever you’re wearing and of course when you wear Gwen Beloti.  Our styles will prepare you for your daily looks.  Some of our pieces can even qualify for your statement selections.  One way we achieve more bold looks with our styles is through stacking and layering.  It’s nice to have items that are versatile and can be worn with multiple looks.  For instance the cross pendant that you wear regularly goes great with your button ups and with your turtlenecks. How about the chunky bangle that you love, that compliments almost every outfit. When we can maximize our wardrobe, that’s always a plus. 

Let’s explore a few more examples and sample collections based on different wardrobes and lifestyles:

Samantha the banker who is recently engaged loves stilettos and silk button up blouses. She enjoys chic brunch dates with her friends and afterwork cocktail parties.

In Samantha’s collection is a set of necklaces that she can wear with her button ups. She has several necklaces that she layers for a more edgy look, when she’s in the mood.  She has an assortment of hoop styles and stackable rings that compliment her groomed nails.

Renee is a fitness instructor
and spends most of her time at the gym.  She lives in activewear.  She finds immense pleasure in the opportunity to get dolled up for special occasions when they arise.

Her collection might include an anklet, a great way to accessorize since she’s always in leggings showing off her ankles.  Renee might have an assortment of stud earrings which are comfy and doesn’t interfere with her workout.  She would be remiss to exclude some bold pieces, like larger earrings and chunky necklaces for the nights out, that she lives for.  

Monica, a fashionable stay at home mom, takes her boys to soccer practice on the weekends and has dinner with her girlfriends every other Friday.  Monica defines her style as super casual, comfy but stylish. She loves jeans and chic t-shirts.

Her collection might consist of small huggie earrings for everyday, dangles for her nights out, a chain bracelet that she never takes off, and a couple of long necklaces that would look great with her cool tees.

What jewels would compliment your lifestyle?  Better yet what styles do you love because they make you look AND feel good?

“The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear.” - Ines de La Fressange 


If you’re looking to enhance or revamp your jewelry wardrobe, check out some pieces below that you can include in your collection. 


Double Link Drop Earrings


$70.00 USD


Chunky Gold Cuff


$150.00 USD


Everyday Linked Necklace


$80.00 USD


Double Golden Baguette Necklace


$185.00 USD


Twist Croissant Gold Hoops

Hoops Earrings > Gold Earrings

$95.00 USD


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