1. Understand that it is an investment. 

2. Review care tips and how they differ from your plated jewelry.

This protects your investment and keeps your jewelry shining for many memories to come.

3. Consider color. If you want to color match your fine jewelry with some of your favorite plated pieces, browse before you buy. Take your time planning your purchase so that it makes sense for your lifestyle and preferences.

4. Think about how you will wear your jewelry. Is it for everyday wear or are you looking for statement pieces? This will help you narrow down your search and avoid impulse buying or going over budget. Reflect also on what compliments your style and wardrobe needs to make the best choice for your lifestyle.

5. Plan ahead for storage. You may want to secure fine jewelry differently than your plated jewelry, in a safer place. A jewelry box or even a safe may be an option depending on the value of your items. Take the time to sort out your storage option before your new jewelry arrives.

6. Think about if you are looking to mix your new fine with your plated or switch completely. 

That will inform your choices, and help you decide which styles you need vs. want

7. Know your warranty. Check to see if the seller offers any guarantees or coverage and what’s covered within them. We offer a one year guarantee that protects your investment so you can shop with confidence.

8. Explore the terms and conditions of your fine jewelry purchase.

Familiarize yourself with the policies and information on returns, exchanges, sizing, and fit.

9. Consider insurance if you are investing in really high-end and luxury pieces with precious stones like natural diamonds - in case of damage or loss.

Insurance is something that is better to pay for and not use, rather than need and not have.

10. Find a repair shop you trust in case your jewelry needs repairs. This isn’t jewelry you’d toss to the side if it’s damaged. Work with a jeweler or the brand where you purchased your item. Many brands offer free repairs, we do. Even if the brand offers a warranty it’s always great to have your own go-to place, if need be. 

11. Be proud of your investment. The value and the meaning behind the purchase, whether it was a self purchase or a gift, makes the piece more special, and it’s yours.

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