Layering necklaces is a fun and easy way to accessorize, and can greatly impact the entire dynamic of your look. It’s all about expressing yourself and your style, whether you are into maximalism or a modern minimalist vibe. 

There are only a few things to consider when creating a necklace stack, and from there, you can make it your own. Fashion is just as much about personal style expression as it is about trends. Use jewelry to elevate your look and let the story you tell through your personal style reflect your individuality.

Tips to layer necklaces if you like minimal style

Start with a focal point or foundation to your necklace stack. This can be a small gold chain, typically of shorter length. From there, build with other chains of varying lengths, textures and styles. The subtle combination of mixing delicate chain styles that each have different types of chain links or accents brings texture and depth to minimalist style.

When choosing minimalist layering necklaces to buy, look for size inclusive necklaces. This will ensure the proper fit and length plus keep you stylish and comfortable. Pairing long layering necklaces with shorter ones can also compliment a minimal look, or serve as the starting point for layering with maximalism in mind.

How to layer necklaces with the maximalist fashion trend

Maximalism has influenced fashion, art and even the interior design industry as more people are going big with color, prints and textures to express themselves. Maximalism as a trend appeared as early as the 50s in fashion, and again most recently saw a rise in 2020, as more people look to fashion and accessorizing as the ultimate personal style statement and mood booster.

There are different ways to interpret maximalism based on your own personal style, and statement jewelry can take on a new meaning when applied to layering necklaces. Gwen Beloti recommends using minimal pieces to create a bolder look through stacking and layering. By mixing and matching your pieces, you can create completely new styles and looks. 

Choose chains of different thickness to create different looks, and mix in pendant necklaces of varying lengths. Mix a dainty necklace with a chunky one, which makes your necklace stack pop plus it prevents tangling too.

To create a necklace stack that mirrors maximalism and remains comfortable to wear, you may also add single necklaces that have a double layer to your stack, as well as longer necklaces.

If you are new to layering necklaces and usually only wear one necklace or minimal jewelry, Gwen recommends starting with a few pieces and building from there, so that you can get used to wearing more than one necklace. You may also add pendant necklaces or necklaces with charms or accents to your necklace stack too.

However you layer necklaces, the fun part is trying on your jewelry just as you try on different outfits. Experiment with mixing styles, textures and lengths to create new looks.

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