Jewelry often carries with it unintentional wear and tear, as we make memories, live life and have new experiences all while wearing jewelry. Through it all, caring for your jewelry first means being mindful of your jewelry while doing everyday activities, and experiencing new ones. 

One thing to remember when putting on your jewelry for the day

Think of everything you do getting ready for the day: taking a shower, putting on oil, lotion, perfume, hair products, makeup, clothes - and that list could go on. Now think of all the ways your jewelry could get tangled, scratched, slathered in oil or lotion, and ultimately tarnished.

The one thing to remember when getting ready for the day is this: put your jewelry on last after getting ready, and take your jewelry off first at the end of the day. 

When to wear your jewelry vs. when to take it off

Other than taking jewelry off when you shower, taking off jewelry before going to the beach or pool will also help preserve the condition of your gold jewelry. Saltwater, chlorine and chemicals in sunscreen have harsh effects and can lead to a loss of luster in your jewelry, as well as tarnishing. 

If you’ve ever worn your jewelry in the shower or forgotten to take it off while on vacation at the beach, that’s okay. Depending on the quality of your jewelry, it will withstand a few times if you forget to remove it. It’s important to check if your jewelry has a warranty or guarantee before buying it, as well as what it’s made of. Understanding these qualities of your jewelry helps you understand how to care for it. 

How to keep gold jewelry shining like new

A large part of keeping gold jewelry in good condition is how the jewelry is stored. Make sure that each individual piece of jewelry is stored in its own dust bag. You may also store each of the dust bags in a jewelry box or container with separate compartments, which makes it easier to keep things organized.

As your jewelry collection grows, your storage capacity will too. Start where you are with what you have, and use the dust bags that come with the jewelry. As your collection grows and includes fine jewelry, investing in a safe if you do not already have one is an option to consider as well.

Ultimately, how you store your jewelry determines how much you have to clean it. Plus, improper storage can lead to needing repairs and damage to more delicate pieces.

Now a slip up here and there, like leaving your jewelry on while you sleep or forgetting to put it in the dust bag overnight, isn’t detrimental, especially when it comes to your Gwen Beloti jewels. We prioritize quality and durability because we understand that life happens. But if you want to truly cherish your jewelry time and time again for years to come, we recommend the tips outlined above.

Caring for gold jewelry requires attention and thoughtfulness, much like self care. Make your jewelry the exclamation point on your entire look by putting it on last, be mindful of your jewelry when unwinding and take it off first, take your jewelry on vacation but leave it behind when you go to the beach or pool, and take time for your jewelry by putting it in its proper place at the end of everyday. If you follow this, through all the memories of every day, your gold jewelry will continue to shine, and so will you.

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